Friday, May 17, 2013

Pages and Pages

I never considered myself a "scrapbooker" but I was always a collector, hanging onto tickets from tours, concerts, things I saw in magazines, places I wanted to go, I'm sure you can relate.  But I never knew how to put it all together, because the things I collected were from so many different occasions or different things I was thinking about or doing at different times.  My eclectic collection style is perfect for SMASH'ing because I didn't have to make a travel book and a concert book, or a things I'm loving now book, I could create pages in ONE book that covered all these things.  Recently, one of our fans sent in some photos of pages she has been working on and when I saw the vast topics the pages covered I realized I wasn't the only odds and ends collector out there.  Here are some of the photos that Dianne shared with us.  Enjoy and remember that you can be a book maker or an odds and ends collector and either way, you can SMASH it in and Live it Up.

~ Andrea


Rhonda Miller said...

Your pages are great.

EK Success Brands said...

Rhonda - these pages were sent in by one of our readers. You can send your pages in too and they might get shared!

dawt said...

Wow, the pages are so organized, beautiful!