Friday, December 30, 2011

Dance Style

At the end of each dance competition season, I put together a scrapbook for my cousin.  It usually takes me the entire summer, up until the start of the next season to complete, but with the introduction of Smash books, we decided to "smash" the season as it went along. On the ride to and from, we smash a little and then each night if we have time.  We are using the "Pretty Pink" folio.
1st Master Workshop at the start of the dance season
2nd & 3rd Master Workshop 
1st Convention – Camp Pulse 

School Talent Show
Showoff at studio for Family and Friends
2nd Competition/Convention - Tremaine….. instead of all the misc. papers to keep up with, we had the teachers autograph straight into her book and then using my pogo printer, we stuck in the mini prints

1st Scholarship of the season….hopefully many more to come!
She was also awarded the “Studio Dancer of the Year” award

She loves smashing in her  “dance” book and I love the fact that come July the book will be complete.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!

-- Christi

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hipstamatic mini book

Hello Smash! I love the concept and was excited to be one of the people that received the K&Company Smash mini earlier this spring. I love it and I couldn't decide what to put in it. In April I got my first iPhone and found Hipstamatic and instantly was hooked. We have a Kodak ESP printer at home. Using iPhoto on a Mac allows me to print these little square photos in various sizes! I am addicted!! 

So one day it dawned on me to use this mini Smash to house my favorite Hipsta prints I've taken over the summer. I also decided to use up some of my hoardish (is that a word?) stash to embellish this fun little book. It's small enough to carry in my purse and I show it to my friends. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What is this here?

I'm still having so much fun with my Blue Smashbook! Here are my latest pages...
This one was done using my new Cocoa Daisy kit! I especially loved working with the Balzer Designs Stencil that came with the kit! I sprayed it with October Afternoon Sprinklers. Have you tried those? They are wayyyyy cool! Different than regular spray ink/mist. More opaque. More like paint. And I love that they come in groovy retro colors...

I made a page to commemorate my latest blog milestone...

Oh, and P.S., that kraft colored chicken was on a different page in the Smashbook. I didn't want to cover him up, so I tore the page out, trimmed around him and added him in here. There are so many ways you can use the art in your Smashbooks! 
and just miscellaneous tidbits of life here...

It's so much fun having a way to use up a lot of my treasured, but older embellies!

-- Michelle,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Smash-ability "Ideas" Book

"Don't think, just smash it!!"

That's usually what I do with my Smash Book 
Just put whatever came across my mind hand, then glue it on the pretty papers in the book.

Retro Theme
Some of the quotes that I love. I just print them out, snip, then glue them in.

Handmade flower, cute paper, trim

Ideas from Pinterest

All the fun and scrapbook layout inspirations

Cute Amy Tan's Sticker package

10 ways to fix creative block

-- Nattarida,