Thursday, December 8, 2011

Smash-ability "Ideas" Book

"Don't think, just smash it!!"

That's usually what I do with my Smash Book 
Just put whatever came across my mind hand, then glue it on the pretty papers in the book.

Retro Theme
Some of the quotes that I love. I just print them out, snip, then glue them in.

Handmade flower, cute paper, trim

Ideas from Pinterest

All the fun and scrapbook layout inspirations

Cute Amy Tan's Sticker package

10 ways to fix creative block

-- Nattarida,


Tamara said...

What a nice pages of your smash book. It gives me ideas for mines. Thank you.

Cynthia said...

LOVE IT. Love how you Smashed so much stuff in your Smash! Love the colors, the movement, the fun!

Nurse101 said...

HI Girls, I love of the SMASH ideas. I want to post some of my own to contribute to the ideas. Could someone let me know how? Thanks!

SmashFan said...

@Nurse101 We'd love to see your ideas, just send us your link or images to, along with permission for us to publish them. We're so excited to check out what you've been smashing!

Meg M Stoco said...

Amoooo Smash e amo passar aqui pra ver as criações e ter idéias pra fazer o meu.
Meg Stoco