Friday, May 31, 2013


Happy Friday SMASH fans.  Not sure how many of you are on Facebook (According to Mark Zuckerberg it's EVERYONE!) but there is a great group called SMASH*aholics, of which I am a member.  If you don't know about it, you should check it out, lots of great ideas shared by other SMASH'ers.  It's a private group, but you only need to request to be a part of the group and an administrator will get back to you pretty quickly.  Here's a link SMASH*aholics

It's really a great group.  Here is something that someone posted today that I thought all of us who love SMASH can really appreciate and get a good chuckle out of!

Enjoy your weekend and keep sending all the great pictures of your pages!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Pages and Pages

I never considered myself a "scrapbooker" but I was always a collector, hanging onto tickets from tours, concerts, things I saw in magazines, places I wanted to go, I'm sure you can relate.  But I never knew how to put it all together, because the things I collected were from so many different occasions or different things I was thinking about or doing at different times.  My eclectic collection style is perfect for SMASH'ing because I didn't have to make a travel book and a concert book, or a things I'm loving now book, I could create pages in ONE book that covered all these things.  Recently, one of our fans sent in some photos of pages she has been working on and when I saw the vast topics the pages covered I realized I wasn't the only odds and ends collector out there.  Here are some of the photos that Dianne shared with us.  Enjoy and remember that you can be a book maker or an odds and ends collector and either way, you can SMASH it in and Live it Up.

~ Andrea

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Tell Us What You LOVE to SMASH giveaway was a hit on Facebook !  Almost 500 entries.  These lucky winners will receive a  K&CompanySMASH prize pack:

Tabitha P.of Fayetteville NC
Angela D.of Centerton AR
Jenna O. of Jackson OH
Alexis C.of Cincinnati OH
Mary H. of North Tonawanda NY

If you love SMASH as much as we do - connect with us at
Winners were chosen at random, but we wanted to share with you what people said:

Smash is memory.. Smash is friends and family.. Smash is everylittle thing in our life... I would love to smash on cute and love quotes from my kids... My kids' school works, cards and art work they made.. Smash is a collection on small things that 'actually' is easy to forget. But with smash, everything will be remembered.    Hannah  J

I love to SMASH everything from old Christmas cards to cards from my kids and family.  My son and I even played a word game and I SMASHed that.  I just love the fact that you don't have rules and things don't have to match but you can just put it there for safe keeping and know where it is instead of being in a drawer someplace.  It is a great memory keeper too.  I love the fact that no matter what I put in or what I do, IT'S ALRIGHT.  Thank you so much for this awesome give away.  It would be great to win.  Have a great day!!!!  :)   Cindy N

i love keeping track of the little things! Not just the big events in our lives!  Receipts, instagram photos, tickets, FB snipits of my teen son that won't pose for a picture of me but he will with friends - so i have to steal it! :) Lainey C

Smash gives me the outlet to smash everything important to me. Right now I am remodeling my house and I am smashing all the info from the stuff we are using and even the paint samples and pics as we go along. I LOVE smash! Shannon  B

I smash all sorts of things from my everyday life. Just random things I find everyday, that hold some sort of meaning for me. Torrie J

I love to smash everything.. reciepts from places ive shopped at, ate at, etc. I love smashing ideas for a future house, trips. I put just about anything in them. Im so happy that i found Smash*! Stephanie G

i love it for my postcards. Erica B
I love Smashing my bucket list, and my accomplishments. Today, someone else smashed something in my book though, and it became my favorite addition. My 4 year old drew a spaceship in my book (without permission). Its the best part of my book!   Brie P

You don't have to wait for a giveaway or contest to tell us what you love to SMASH.  We always want to know and we are always listening.  Tell us NOW! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

NEW Tools from SMASH

Ok SMASH fans - we've got new tools that you're going to love. They are compact and cute as can be. Bring it with your other 'stuff' when your SMASHing on the go.  Have you seen them?  Which do you think you'd like to try?

Inking- 2 colors to choose from

Inking in action

Markers that fit together - 2 color palettes to choose from

The Slimmest Scissors in Town

Paper Cutter!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love to SMASH? Tell Us & Win!

Hey SMASH fans! Sorry it's been awhile since our last post, but now we are back on track!  Just letting you know we created a SMASH giveaway on our EK Success Brands Facebook page.  Tell us what you love to SMASH or want to SMASH in the future.  

5 LUCKY people chosen at random (since there are NO wrong answers about what to SMASH!) will a K&CompanySMASH prize pack!  Hurry, March 31st is the last day to enter.

What are you waiting for? GO NOW

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Lightning Round

So I found these fun prompts called Lightning Round.  I thought it is a fun way to get a snapshot of me at a given time, so I printed a bunch and when I have a minute, I answer one.  These are a collection of several I did and finally got into my SMASHbook. 
-- April,